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#Venezuela #Habana Lech Walesa's letter to Pope Benedict XVI

In March 8, 2012, the leader of Solidarity and former First President of Democratic Poland, sent a letter to Pope Benedict XVI in solidarity with Cuba's opposition. What follows it is a translation from Polish of that letter:

Your Holiness,

For several days, Cuba will experience exceptional moments. Cubans living on the island and other, living for years in exile, will meet after years in his native land, to the crystal-clear tarns in the words of your Holiness.

Thinking of this exceptional visit I always enjoy coming back to my memories the year 1979 when, in the first travel of
The Holy See Poland arrived our countryman Pope John Paul II. The pilgrimage awoke in us, Polish, not just hope for change, but primarily triggered the will to act.

The prayer of Pope John Paul II on the square of victory in Warsaw "Let their spirit of Him renews the face of the Earth, this earth ", very quickly brought the fruit. A year later, in Gdansk A peace social movement Solidarity was raised, which paved the way for the freedom of Poland.

I have no doubt that without the force of the words of the Pope, without his presence, the emergence of Solidarity wouldn’t have been possible.

Today we, the Poles, are free. However, communism and tyranny, which collapsed in most of the European countries, are still imposed in many nations worldwide. In the world there are still millions of people who suffer of human rights abuses. One such country is Cuba.

The society does not enjoy the freedom that we are enjoying in the West. In Cuba, those who are defending their fundamentals human rights and demanding social justice are put in prisons and repressed. The Cuban authorities do not want to talk with the Nation, which would have an impact on the reforms that could be made in the island.

However, I have hope that the visit of your Holiness will contribute to a positive change in the life of the Cuban People.

Please, Your Holiness, remember of those who for their beliefs are prisoners.

Please, Your Holiness, remember of those Cubans who, for their freedom, are exposing themselves to persecution and harassment.

I believe that your visit, Your Holiness, will open a new chapter in the history of Cuba and the authorities will start a dialogue with the People.

I hope that the message of your visit will bring love and solidarity with all the people of Cuba.

Lech Walesa

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