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@london2012 Climb of repression, arrests and confiscation of food in Cuba

climb of repression, arrests and confiscation of food in Cuba 

Seizures and arrests in the train-Havana Sancti Spiritus 
By Roberto de Jesus Guerra Perez 
Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, July 30 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez, - Cuba's National Police launched a raid on the train Sancti Spiritus, Havana and seized dozens of pounds of meat and dairy products among travelers Campo Florido, a town located 28 kilometers from Havana. 
Several dozen police officers involved in the operation inspected more than 800 people and arrested 40 passengers, including women. 
One of the travelers, 66 years old, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, said the authorities "seized cheese, shrimp and beef, plus yogurt and fish." 
"What they are doing is abusive," he said and continued: "In the National Railway Terminal is another group of police inspected the train and seize everything you have those who go to Sancti Spiritus," a city located in the center of the island, about 340 kilometers from Havana. 
"They are pursuing a policy of state terrorism in the train of Sancti Spiritus," said another passenger on arrival at the National Railway Terminal The Coubre in Havana.
"It is inconceivable repression. The government knows the situation that exists (on the island). Most people lack basic food, and bringing these products to get capital to do some weights and survive, "he said. 
"It's a shameful attitude of the government, against a defenseless people suffering from high prices of staples, especially after the rains that left our province (Sancti Spiritus) in a terrible situation," he added. 

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