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@Olympia2012NEWSRemember that if you go to Cuba can be imprisoned without fair trial

The authorities can "internalize" the tourists to the island 
22:07 Jens Aron Modig, immigration law in Cuba, Oswaldo Paya dies

The authorities can "internalize" the tourists to the island
Monday, July 30, 2012 | By Laritza Diversent

HAVANA, Cuba, July 30 (Laritza Diversent, - The Aliens Act and the Regulations empowers the Cuban Interior Ministry to control the movements and activities of foreigners in the island. Also allows him to "internalize" the tourists who violate its provisions, in places that enable for these purposes, pending his re-embarkation, expulsion or legalize their stay in Cuba.

The Swede Jens Aron Modig, 27, leader of the youth wing of the Swedish Christian Democratic Party, remains from the July 22 in Havana a center of migration, although the spokesman of the ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Anders Jörle, saw no reason to prohibit the release of their fellow citizens of the island, as reported in recent days, Agence France Presse.

Modig traveled to Cuba in mid-July and by the Deputy Secretary-General of New Generations of the Partido Popular in Madrid, Angel Francisco Barrios Carromero had contacts with the Cuban opposition, including prominent dissident Oswaldo Paya, who later died in an accident traffic in which the two foreigners were involved.

Modig Carromero as both traveled to Cuba as tourists. Legal regulations on Foreign tourists state that during his stay in Cuba, they need authorization from Immigration and Nationality to engage in activities unrelated to the causes of admission.

They must conform to the plans and programs prepared for your stay in the country. Also need permission to leave the province in which its seat is located, no matter the time being. Modig and Carromero in a vehicle headed from Havana to Santiago de Cuba. Regulation of the Aliens Act, also establishes an administrative fine of up to 30 pesos for violations of its provisions and the Law

In these cases Immigration and Nationality, under the Ministry of the Interior (Interior Ministry) - starts a file and assigns an officer for instruction. The process may be delayed in processing more than 15 days but can be resolved summarily in the length of stay of foreigners in the island. However, neither the law nor the regulations specify how long you can keep the Interior Ministry "admitted" to the tourist.

Modig witnesses the car crash that killed, on July 22, Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya, 60 Cuban opposition and Harold Cepero Escalante, 31. Relatives of Paya, say another vehicle pulled into the car on the route, but both refused Modig Carromero as that version on Monday.

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