sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

@laserairlines customer abuse @mujeresdenegro #london2012

PUBLIC OPINION AND USERS OF THE COMPANY @laserairlines cc: @ INAC_venezuela

On 22/7/12 I made a public complaint to the company as follows @ laserairlines link. http://tl.gd/ifhv5b

I had not heard from them until Ms. Perez Boletaria manager called me on 6/8/12 and asked me to send him copies of all domestic and international tickets to investigate and respond to my claim, what I did that day. Days passed and I received no more news, so I started to campaign on twitter for even answering me I said that Ms. Perez had my phone and thanked them call me.

Mrs. Smith called me and send it to my annoyance I replied that she had not received the requested material. I told him to send them again, but if you did, as part of the conversation we had I realized it. They were sent back the same day.

Again pass on 6/8/12 @ twitter @ laserairlines INAC_Venezuela copied to where documenting all e-mail sent to corroborate that IF had met their requirements, hence the respective link http://t.co / 4ngiUaV2.

The point is that as of that date, despite my multiple twitter that I went through was impossible for me to respond.

Other twitterers that knowing me, I have reported waiting up to one year have answered them on your claim.

I've always felt that things happen to us because we have not claimed strong enough to make ourselves heard and so the mockery that companies or institutions make to their users.

If any user of this company that claims to have no answer, write me thank mujeresdenegro.ve1 @ gmail.com and / or my twitter @ mujeresdenegro. I think we must come together so that neither this nor any other company makes fun of us. They must begin to respect citizens.


Sonia Camacho H.
C.I. V-2988048
Mérida, August 9, 2012


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