jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

#london2012 Tourists: Do not travel to #Cuba Do you want to become political prisoners?

Tourists from around the world: Do not travel to Cuba by Castro, unless you want to become political prisoners.

You should create a slogan and paste into travel agencies worldwide, and on the internet. CUBA NOT TRAVELLING TO THE CASTRO, UNLESS YOU WANT TO BECOME POLITICAL PRISONERS.

And place the photos of all foreigners who are prisoners in Cuba, the faces behind bars. With these great posters. As I am not a designer, launched the idea for anyone's resume and a reality.

As for Michel Blázquez sweater should make hundreds of thousands of rolls and sell them worldwide, with the sign: "Pinga Che, we like Martí" Handing the money to the creator for him to do what you want, here does anyone work for General Castro II.

These are campaigns that we should do, instead of so much Cartica asshole, submissive and treacherous, I emphasize, traitor. That no word belongs to the dictatorship.

Zoé Valdés.

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