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#Namibia #EEUU Video shows lions in zoo Cuban malnourished

The Namibian authorities should see a video taken at a zoo Cuba before fulfilling his promise to send 150 Raul Castro of wildlife.
Leones en zoológico de Camagüey, en 2012
The images, taken by amateurs, show seven lions malnourished and in poor conditions of captivity at the zoo in Camaguey, in eastern Cuba.
The three-minute video and a half begins with the release of fish heads by caregivers through a fence of metal links to a dirty ditch, where a ramp leads from the cages of the lions. Animals can be seen throwing desperate clawing through the bars.
Soon after, six lions, four adults and two young begin to leave the ramp to catch the few fish heads thrown into the pit. Finally comes the seventh lion, and the largest herd of malnourished.
Fish waste
Lions are carnivores. They can eat up to 30 kilograms of meat at the site demolished its prey, but it is unusual feeding with fish waste.
The video was uploaded to Youtube on July 24, presumably by Cubans living in the U.S. who visited the zoo, located inside the park called Casino Campestre. Last week was shown on "Sevcec to Fund", which airs on Channel 41 AmericaTeVe-Miami.
Several references to internet Camagüey Zoo, made by tourists who have visited the site, they mention the status of malnutrition and poor conditions of confinement animal suffering.
In the city urban legends circulating about feeding cats, one of them says they stray dogs shed.
One of the younger lions in the video is called Eric, born in September 2009.
On that occasion, a zoo official revealed that other cubs born there in captivity have been donated to zoos in Florida, a town near Camaguey, and Puerto Padre, in the province of Las Tunas, and the Circus Areíto.
In early July, the decision of the Namibian authorities to capture 150 wild animals-lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, antelopes, vultures and others and send them to Cuba in the operation called "Noah's Ark II" generated strong reviews of animal welfare organizations.
A promise to Raul Castro
The idea was challenged by the NSPCA (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in South Africa, which issued a statement expressing concern that "these wild-caught animals have to endure a long and tiring flight to their new destination, and also raises questions as to whether any animal welfare organization has reviewed the facilities and standards of care in their final destination. "
"We understand that the animals are kept in a zoo-like national park, where some animals are semi-free, but still confined," said the statement.
The main specialist cheetahs (cheetah) in Namibia, Dr. Laurie Marker, responded to criticism by ensuring that Cuba has a good record of animal welfare in zoos.The Namibian authorities comply with shipping a promise to Raul Castro during a visit to the Cuban leader made the African country in 2009. The cost of the operation funded by
Namibia is not known exactly, but is over one million dollars.The National Zoo Cuba already has 850 animals in an area of ​​342 hectares. The first shipment of animals from 23 species must come to Havana in early October, and the rest next year.

                                                  Video: Lion Zoo malnourished Camagüey

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